Bullseye Engagement Software Solutions

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As an authorized reseller of BullseyeEngagement’s human capital management solutions, WeldonIT helps clients align technology architecture with business objectives.

These solutions enable clients to address every aspect of employee engagement and give senior leadership timely and accurate perspective about the impact to profitability and sustainability.

Our experts can provide the following solutions:

Performance Reviews & 360s

  • Simple, painless appraisal system enable you to focus on people, not paperwork
  • High-level dashboards display actionable insights that display executive summaries, appraisal histories and key metrics

Engagement & Pulse Surveys

  • Integrate feedback from employees, customers, students, and meeting participants into operational or performance management processes
  • Access expert content developed by The Employee Engagement Institute

Goals Management

  • Assign individual, departmental, and corporate goals that align with a company's defined strategy and objectives
  • Create your own exclusive library of individual, departmental and corporate goals

Risk Assessment

  • Predictive modeling of attrition risk and impact of departure


  • Quickly document coaching and communications between managers and direct reports outside a defined appraisal cycle
  • Schedule regular check-ins or initiate ad-hoc

Business Intelligence Dashboards

  • Synthesize data from disparate sources into a visual display of key organizational performance metrics (including 50 SHRM and ISO KPIs)
  • Optional benchmarking to industry averages or to internal targets

Training Management

  • Link to content developed internally or connect with third-party learning management systems
  • Assign & track progress by department, location, role, or employee

Succession Planning

  • Guides, captures, and retains the history of your succession planning efforts
  • Predictive modeling of attrition risk and talent-to-watch to identify key positions that should be included in the succession planning process

Compensation Planning

  • Plan merit raises, promotion increases, and cash bonus compensation tied to key performance metrics

Recognition & Rewards

  • Use Bullseye's inventory of award badges or customize your own, tying them to corporate values or other criteria
  • Rewards can be monetized or given as social recognition

Competency Management

  • Employees and managers assess selected competencies, then a gap report displays differences in their respective assessments
  • Supports talent search activities when internal candidates are being sought to fill open positions

Talent Matching

  • Identify the best internal candidates for a position or project team using data from member profiles
  • Find external candidates by searching millions of resumes from every industry with Resume-Library integration

Partner to Public and Private Sectors

WeldonIT has built a reputation as a go-to IT firm in the federal government and private sector space. We are uniquely qualified to deliver managed services within these segments, with key certifications to fulfill procurement goals or mandates for working with small, minority or veteran-owned businesses. And, access to the most sought-after, security-cleared IT consultants to oversee and implement business-critical projects and initiatives.

As your partner, WeldonIT works closely with you to review key business needs, cost structures, processes, and goals. That’s why we are one of today’s fastest-growing IT managed services and professional staffing companies to private and public sector enterprises.